There is more than films to the Food Film Festival. Every year, we put a lot of effort into programming free readings, debates, live shows and presentations. We believe that our visitors not only want to eat good food and learn about it through film, but also want to join the conversation and listen to what experts have to say. We hope that after these events, it will be easier to make better choices. 
All events, except for the parties and pubquiz, are free to attend, so come and join in! 

Before the official opening of the Festival, we kick off with the City’s new Food Vision. The document highlights the importance of enterprise and entrepreneurship to Amsterdam’s food landscape. Ten food entrepreneurs will provide input and inspiration. 

FFF and Soepermarkt put together a hot mix of musical deliciousness. Come and dance to the exotic grooves of 'Tropical Surprise' with funk, jazz, disco, afro, latin, tropical & world sounds!

Zaterdag 10 mei

The Great Fishing Debate 
The best-selling fish in the Netherlands are fish fingers, canned tuna and frozen tilapia. A practical but remarkable choice, given that around 80% of the catch from the North Sea is sold abroad. During the Great Fishing Debate we look for possible answers.
The Battle for Our Seeds - English spoken
How to feed a growing global population remains a hot issue, and in particular the resources we have available to address it. Does the answer lie in solutions such as GMO or rather in a return to traditional and smaller-scale farming methods?

Enough chat: it’s time for beer, trivia and fun! Who paid most attention during the food scandals of 2013? Who recognizes the theme tunes of all the cooking programmes? And who can recall the most useless facts about food and film?

Attention all music-loving, booty-shaking people! Saturday night at FFF is all about the best and dirtiest dance grooves. We present two shows: Vunzige Deuntjes and Wat als het leven een R&B clip was?

Zondag 11 mei

Battle for the Meadow
An almost invisible battle is taking place in the Dutch countryside. The increasing intensity and scale of agriculture and dairy farming is pushing biodiversity to the sidelines. What does biodiversity means to us and who is responsible for conserving it?

Food Film Talks - English Spoken
Sundayafternoon talkshow about food and film. With famous filmmakers we discuss the importance of food in film. During the show, the first Food Film Festival Award will be handed out to the best foodfilm of our festival. 

Keynote speaker: Joel Salatin
He is the most innovative farmer in the world according to TIME magazine, plays an important role in the documentary Food Inc. (2008) and is a source of inspiration for influential journalists such as Michael Pollan. Joel Salatin is this year's keynote speaker.