Food Film Festival

Your Food Movement Studio K 18, 19 & 20 maart 2010
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Food Film Festival
The Food Film Festival is a three-day long festival and will take place the 18th, 19th 
and 20th of March, in Studio/K, Amsterdam. During the festival, more than 20 food films
and documentaries will be screened, together with an extensive program with debates,
workshops, art and music.

The Food Film Festival is about everything related to food: Food in its broadest sense.
There is so much to say about food and so much food  says about us.

Food is culture, food is identity.

At the same time, food and its production are the cause of multiple severe global
issues. Industrial mass production of food is causing environmental pollution, animal
abuse and can be accounted for a great share in the worldwide CO2 emissions. Also,
Western subsidized food production creates an unequal global market. Through a better
food system, poverty, hunger, pollution and conflict can be turned into equality, health,
a clean environment and a peaceful world.

The Food Film Festival is a Dutch event. Workshops are in Dutch, a great share of the
films are in English and some of the events are in English.

See programma for more information about the films and events.

The Youth Food Movement
The Food Film Festival is an initiative of the Youth Food Movement. The Youth Food
Movement is a network of young people from different kind of backgrounds, young
consumers and young professionals like farmers, chefs, fishers and producers.
Together, they want to change the way we produce and consume food.

The Youth Food Movement is an international movement that is founded in 2007.
The Dutch Youth Food Movement exist since July 2009. Based on the principles of
the Slow Food Movement, it’s daughter association Youth Food Movement promotes
good, clean and fair food.

A big part of the Food Film Festival program will be about… food. A variety of
different workshops will be given. Ever wanted to know how to make sausage or how
to taste the difference between Californian and French wine? Do note that workshops
will be given in Dutch.

Studio/K has a restaurant that can serve up to 40 people. During the festival the
kitchen will offer a menu based on the Youth Food Movement ideology: ingredients
that are well thought about, with extra attention for the use of fair, sustainable and
local ingredients. Vegetables and fruits will be chosen with special attention for their
availability during the season. The restaurant will be opened from 11.00-22.00 every
festival day. The chefs of the Youth Food Movement and Studio/K will work together
to offer a good, simple and affordable menu.

Tickets are available on this website from the 1st of March or at the Studio/K cassier
from March 17.


Film Ticket Regular
Film Ticket Student discount
Film Ticket CJP discount
Film Ticket 65+ discount
Film Ticket Slow Food members discount
Film Ticket Cineville
Workshops (Not in English)
Wine Workshop (Not in English)

All other events are without entrance fee. Be on time, tickets are not guaranteed.

Opening Hours Cashier and Festival
Sun - Tues from 11.00 to 01.00
Fri - Sat from 11.00 to 03.00/04.00

Event Tickets
Tickets for the different events are available on this website from March 10.

Studio Korte Leidse
Korte Leidse Dwarsstraat 12
1017 RC Amsterdam

Mailing Adress
van Ostadestraat 206-2
1073 TS Amsterdam


Twitter: @foodfilmfestiv


A press desk will be present during the festival. Soon more information on opening
times and locations.

Monday 14th of March, a press lunch will be organized, for more information please
contact the email adress below.

For more information or questions on accreditation/tickets please contact

Timorplein 62
1094 CC Amsterdam
020 6920422