English spoken at <b> Food Film Festival </b>

English spoken at Food Film Festival

For English speakers there is enough to discover during the Food Film Festival. Aside from a plethora of English spoken or subtitled films, the festival this year organises two debates and two workshops that are completely in English.

The Food Film Festival boasts a plethora of English programming. Most of the films are either in English or are subtitled. But this year there are also several English events, where you can dive into current food issues. And there are two workshops by English speaking chefs. So come to the festival and enjoy yourself. Here under you find some suggestions. But, as said: most of the films are accessible for English speakers. So check the languages in the program description!

The Lunchbox (with English subtitles!)
The Lunchbox was a hit last year. But unfortunately for English speakers, In the Netherlands the film was screened mostly with Dutch subtitles. Now at the Food Film Festival, you have the chance to see this public favourite with English subtitles, which comes in handy if your Hindi is a bit rusty.

Global Cuisine: Modern Indian Classics
The Food Film Festival got Chef Abdul of the London based restaurant The Cinnamon Club to come and show you how you can mix traditional Indian cuisine in with your own home style of cooking. The use of spices, the baking of Indian style bread and the base of curry: pick up tips and tricks and soon your home will smell like an Indian bazar.
The Battle for our Seeds + Seeds of Time (Event + Film)
How to feed a growing global population? Does the solution lie in the use of new techniques like GMO or rather in a return to traditional and smaller-scale farming methods? During this event get to see Seeds of Time one of the best films the Food Film Festival has to offer and a live debate about way to feed the world. All in English!

The Culinary Bug Adventures of Ben Reade
Coming to the Netherlands especially for the FFF, Ben Reade leads Culinary Research and Development at the Nordic Food Lab, the culinary research centre connected to former best restaurant in the world Noma. Ben just got back from a research trip that has taken him across six continents in the quest for discovering the best tasting insects. Awesome!

Food Film Talks
Food Film Talks is a live talkshow in which filmmakers discuss the relationship between portrait and film. They will dig deeper into te role that food plays in film. After last year’s success, host Froukje Jansen will question filmmakers. This year, because most guests are international, the show is English spoken. The talkshow will be a three-course diner with a main course and several tasty side dishes

The Mooman
There is a special bond between a farmer and his cows. British dairy farmer Stephen Hook spends every day with his ladies. The family business and the herd are everything to him and so he does everything to avoid cost-cutting supermarkets and large, impersonal production methods.

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