Nothing beats a good cooking session. That's why the Food Film Festival organises the most wonderful workshops every year. In a small group you get taught by the most talented chefs and artisans from all over the world. The workshops are fun, tasty, wanted and exclusive for the FFF visitors.
All workshops can be found here.

There is wine and wine.  We know they don't taste the same, but why is one particular wine better than the other? And how does it work? Learn how to taste in these delicious workshops.

Want to see how a chef prepares the most delicious recipes, right in front of your eyes? Come join us at the cooking demonstrations at FFF. The very talented chefs will take you through their favourite dishes step by step and show you how to create a culinary masterpiece.
Want to get your hands dirty? In small groups, together with real chefs and professionals, you will learn all the tips and tricks to do it yourself. From making your own paté  to the perfect egg or Chinese Dumplings. Check out the workshops here.