Regional Slow Food Youth Networks meet at Food Film Festival

Regional Slow Food Youth Networks meet at Food Film Festival

Young people from - among others - Greece, Belgium, Mexico Turkey, the Netherlands, Uganda, Scotland, Italy and Spain have met today at the Food Film Festival. A diverse and enthusiastic group, with a central aim which each group tries to achieve in its own way. 

Take Edie from Uganda for instance: "do it with love and passion, but also in a professional way. Slow Food in Africa is growing, which is a good thing. We need to preserve our food traditions.” 

Aiza from Istanbul tries to change the food system by means of starting gardens in a city which has virtually no space for it. "It is all about trying to bring food and this changing idea of food to the people, which is why I do this”. 

As both of these SFYN-ers as well as Joris Lohmann (director of Youth Food Movement NL) and Yvonne Faber (head of SFYN) stress, it is important that we - the young people - try to change the food system all over the world with enthusiasm and energy. "We can create something that we want. We can create the food system we want!” 

"The strength of the network”, as Joris states, "is its diversity. Young people from Mexico change their surroundings in their own way, a way which fits their culture and heritage.” 

Ben Reade (head of Nordic Food Lab in Kopenhagen) - although slightly hungover - showed yet another side of the story: the movement needs content, people doing things. "SFYN allows me to meet real people all over the place and eat their food with them instead of having fancy meals, although that is also nice”. 

And in that way, we can learn from each other. "It is about what works in your place and in your territory”, says Ben Reade. But the aim is the same. 

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