The Food Film Festival is a three-day festival where you can immerse yourself in the world of food. Watch the best food films, listen to presentations, join The Great Debate, learn from masters in the kitchen during workshops and eat in the restaurant headed by our star chef. Not only do we focus on the culinary side of food, we also critically examine our food system.
Many exceptional films have been made about food and the value of food in society, and many more are made each year. To offer these films a platform, the idea for the Food Film Festival was born at a kitchen table in Amsterdam in 2010.
The first edition, in 2011, attracted around 3,600 people. In 2012, that number increased to 6,000 and in 2013 to more than 8,000. The festival gradually outgrew its base at Studio/K and the decision was made to move the 2014 festival to Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek. The new location offers even more space and seats to enjoy the Food Film Festival.

Youth Food Movement 

The Food Film Festival was established by the Youth Food Movement (YFM). The YFM is a network of students, young consumers and food professionals, including farmers, gardeners, chefs and producers, who work together to bring about change in food production and consumption. YFM is part of the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN), the Dutch arm of which was founded in July 2009. The network is based on the principles of Slow Food: young people who are committed to good, clean and fair food.

Slow Food
Slow Food was established in 1989 as a reaction to fast food, industrial food production and globalisation. The movement seeks the opposite: flavourful, high-quality products that are produced locally, sustainably and ethically. Slow Food advocates the preservation of authentic seed varieties, livestock species and biodiversity; an abundance that is threatened by increasing monoculture.