And the winner is.....

And the winner is.....

This year, Food Film Festival had its first awards. Visitors could vote for all the food films which were shown on the festival. After a long count, the winner of the Audience Award is known! 

Fishery asks for more debate

The stakes for the Big Fishery Debate are high. Moderator Ruben Maes has the task to give the public a clearer view on the production chain in fishery in order to make better decisions when buying wish. Quite the task! 

Gastronomy of the bug

'Nobody knows how to prepare an insect', Ben Reade proves with some tasters that bugs can in fact be damn delicious. How should we be go about this bug-eating? A full house in the MC Theater is eager to learn in the workshop The Culinary Bug Adventures of Ben Reade.

How to open a Food Film Festival

21:00 sharp, Sharon Dijksma (secretary of state of economics) has yesterday officially opened the Food Film Festival 2014 in front of a big crowd. A three day long event which will consist of a Michelin star Restaurant, parties, lots of food, events and of course film. 

Amsterdam Foodcity: An overview

In december last year the city of Amsterdam presented its official document ‘Food and Amsterdam’. So it was about time to present an overview of the many food initiatives which are taking place in and around the city, during the Food Film Festival.