Canned Dreams <b> NL première </b>

Canned Dreams NL premiere

Documentary | Katja Gauriloff | Finland | 2011 | 78 min | Multilingual spoken | English subtitles
Voorstelling 1: Friday 22 March 19:15 | Studio/K 1
Voorstelling 2: Saturday 23 March 16:00 | Kriterion 1

Think canned foods are anonymous? You won’t after you’ve seen Canned Dreams. Katja Gauriloff’s probing documentary uses the many ingredients in a simple canned meal as a starting point for a road movie through nine different countries and stories. The film gives a face to the thousands of factory workers, farmers and miners who play a role in the final product on our supermarket shelves.

Who are the people who grow the grain, pick the olives or slaughter the cows in the abattoir? With stunning but sometimes bleak imagery, Canned Dreams reduces the mass production of a canned meal to very human proportions. The journey begins in an aluminium mine in Brazil and ends on a shelf in a supermarket in Finland. Behind every ingredient is an employee with hopes, dreams and disappointments. Like the Danish pig farmer who secretly longs for a relationship, or the Portuguese tomato picker who hopes to stay healthy long enough to send her daughters to university.


Friday 22 march 19:15 | Studio/K 1 saturday 23 march 16:00 | Kriterion 1

Canned Dreams - Trailer from Iikka Hesse on Vimeo.

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