eFFFe in de Kast

eFFFe in de Kast

Tomm Velthuis
Voorstelling: Saturday 23 March 12:30 | Studio/K

Older children will remember Achterwerk in de Kast, a popular television programme from the 1980s. In the programme, children sat in a cupboard and had a couple of minutes to tell a story or show something from behind a curtain. The result was often unintentionally hilarious and endearing moments. High time for a revival, in our view, but then with a food twist!

So if you've ever eaten something really strange, you want to tell us about an unusual (home-grown) vegetable, or your mum makes the world's best pancakes and you think everyone should know about them, then climb in the cupboard! Who knows? You might even see your contribution on the FFF website.

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