Alain Caron & Fleur Dérogée | 85 min
Voorstelling: Sunday 24 March 12:00 | Rabozaal (SK/3)

Attention all food fans and film fanatics: we proudly present the second edition of the K’EET QUIZ! After the success of last year, we can't wait to test the knowledge of our young festivalgoers again. How much do they know about their food? Who has mastered the art of cooking and how creative are these young chefs?

Led by Alain Caron, from the TV programmes Junior Masterchef and Masterchef, and Fleur Dérogée from the Food Film Festival, the teams will be tested on their culinary skills. Everyone is welcome to cheer on the participants, scratch their heads over the questions and shriek with laughter at some of the answers.  

Alain Caron & his (strict) jury
Alain Caron was born in France and has cooked in a number of restaurants. He has lived in the Netherlands for 30 years. The culinary wizard can answer almost any question about food, he writes cookbooks, organises culinary festivals and presents TV programmes. But above all he knows what a good jury should look for when judging a dish. And that's what he and his professional jury members will be doing during the K’EET QUIZ.

Would you like to take part?

Do you go to school in Amsterdam-Oost, are you between 8-11 years old, and do you know a thing or two about cooking and food? Then sign up with a friend with whom you think you'll make a good team. Send an e-mail before 1 March to, with ‘K’EET QUIZ registration’ in the subject line. She will tell you everything you need to know.

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