peas of art

In the Food Film Festival art programme Peas of Art, we take food out of its normal environment and place it in a new, thought-provoking and sometimes surprising context. We will project the work of renowned designers and artists at various locations in and around Studio/K. Art allows us to nudge people's awareness in the right direction by presenting the world of food from a different perspective.

The exact locations of the projections will be announced shortly. Keep an eye on this page for more information.

A Recipe of Harmony

Zhang Yan | 6.05 min

In her graduation project A Recipe of Harmony, Zhang Yan uses food to convey traditional Chinese culture and customs. Four dishes in five colours represent the 'five elements philosophy'.


Gerco de Ruijter | 3 min
Crops is a mesmerising stop-motion film made with images collected from Google Earth. Gerco de Ruijter cut more than a thousand irrigation circles from Google Earth for an experimental video collage about irrigation systems in the United States.

Strange Fruits

Sarah Illenberger |
In her on-going project, German art director Sarah Illenberger presents an eclectic series of reinterpreted fruits and vegetables, including a hairy apple and a Rubik's Cube made of fruit. By combining techniques from photography and sculpture, she transforms food into a visual feast.