We welcome visitors of all ages, including children, to the Food Film Festival. We have organised various activities throughout the weekend that teach young gourmets how much fun food can be. And how delicious. And sometimes also how disgusting! Because not everyone likes the same things.

eFFFe in de Kast

Tomm Velthuis
Older children will remember Achterwerk in de Kast, a popular television programme from the 1980s. In the programme, children sat in a cupboard and had a couple of minutes to tell a story or show something from behind a curtain. The result was often unintentionally hilarious and endearing moments. High time for a revival, in our view, but then with a food twist!


Alain Caron & Fleur Dérogée | 85 min
Attention all food fans and film fanatics: we proudly present the second edition of the K’EET QUIZ! After the success of last year, we can't wait to test the knowledge of our young festivalgoers again. How much do they know about their food? Who has mastered the art of cooking and how creative are these young chefs?


FFF Kids Team
We eat more with our eyes than we think. Do you still know what you're eating if you can't see it? Blind tasting, a fixed part of the Food Film Festival, is popular with visitors of all ages. Is it salty, sweet, sour, bitter? Disgusting or delicious, slimy or crispy, vegetable or fruit? Test your taste buds during Proef-werk!