The Food Film Festival parties are fast becoming legendary. Where else can you see DJs making pancakes while they spin, drive a tractor down Studio/K's stairs or get intimate with a banana? We have pulled out all the stops again this year! On Friday, hit the dance floor at Kimchi's Nachtbrouwerij, and on Saturday stomp your feet at Schuurfeest & Soepermarkt! Join us for food, drink and awesome music.

Kimchi's Night Brewery

Foodjes van de vloer! |
Friday 22 March | 23:00-03:00 | Rabozaal (SK/3)
On Friday we hit the dance floor in Kimchi's Nachtbrouwerij (Night Brewery). Kimchi likes to give his parties a traditional touch by serving his music with food and a lot of beer. Order a special cocktail made from your favourite beer(s), win great prizes in the beer raffle and join the crowd at the Good Beer Bar in SK/3 – all washed down with some very fine tunes.

Schuurfeest & Soepermarkt

Drop de Biet! |

Saturday 23 March | 23:00-04:00 | SK/2, Rabozaal (SK/3) and Restaurant
After the legendary night last year, we had to bring back the Schuurfeest (Barn Party)! On Saturday,  Steven de Peven, DJ Zender and others will rock the party at SK/2. In SK/3 join us at the Soepermarkt with Cirque Valentin, Hamertje Tik, Sjef Rolet and Umoja. Downstairs in the restaurant at Ome Ad serveert: De Keukenprins, expect crazy tunes and tasty flavours. In short, a delectable mix of live acts and DJs, soul, disco, funk, house, circus and Afro.