Workshops are a regular and well­known part of the Food Film Festival. Food awareness and eating healthier is not only achieved by looking and listening, but even more by doing. The unique try­outs and workshops are fun, inspriring and tasty. And not only that: you will be lectured by the experts.

This edition of Food Film Festival features workshops with a connection to the films and documentaries which are shown. By visiting both, you will get to know the subject even better. Of course you can visit only one of them, but participating in both is recommended. We are expecting that the workshops will be sold out very fast, so be on your mark to make your reservations quickly on February 27.

Tickets will be for sale via this website from February 27.

Practical information
Not all workshops are taught in English, but some are. Read the descriptions to learn more.

This year, the workshops will be taught on two locations:
-The Van Niftrik cooking studio, Zeeburgerdijk 54. Before these workshops, we gather at the Meatingpoint Timorplein. From there, we walk to the cooking studio, so watch for the Meatingpoint sign!
-The tastings and skills workshops take place at Cybersoek, next to Studio/K.

There are four kinds of workshops: ­
-Two-hour workshops
-­Two-hour seminars
-­Ninety-minute tastings
-One-hour workshops

Arabia makes Hummus (NL)

Nadia Zerouali en Merijn Tol | 165 min
Whose is the hummus? Many countries claim it as their national dish, but hummus is generous and fills many hungry mouths. And what about spelling? No matter how you spell it or whose dish it is, it tastes better when you make it yourself. How? Learn it in this workshop.

Baking with MAMA (NL)

Karel Goudsblom | 120 min

Bread is our basic food, and nothing is better than a fresh bread with a crunchy crust. However, our daily bread from the supermarket has little to do with original bread. This workshop takes you back to basic with Karel Goudsblom, who has made an art of baking bread.

Blood & Guts (NL)

Jiri Brandt en Geert van Wersch | 120 min
The people from Brandt & Levie like sausage. But they are not the only ones! Gradually, people are starting to discover these tasty sausages. This is not a workshop for sissies, because in this workshop, you will make sausages according to the nose to tail principle. 

Eau-de-vie by the Fruit Distillers (NL)

Bas Lubberhuizen en Henk Raaff | 90 min
Lubberhuizen & Raaf is a Dutch distillery, located in the Betuwe. They produce price-winning eau-de-vies, which you will be able to try in this tasting. 

Vegetables 2.0 (NL)

Niven Kunz | 120 min
Vegetables are the most important in Starchef Niven Kunz's cooking style, which is logical for a restaurant with a view on the Westland. Easily digestable, surprising and sustainable dishes are typical for his style. In this workshop, Niven will learn you to work magic with vegetables. Because he can do that!

Hamburgers with Burgermeester (NL)

Burgermeester | 120 min
It came out of nowhere: the gourmet hamburger. The alternative for not-so-very-tasty burgers. In Amsterdam, the men of Burgermeester have made the hamburger a culinary and sustainable item. But how do you make a gourmet burger?

It's not just brunch (EN)

Jason Hartley | 120 min
The best solution for a hangover? A hearty brunch, with lots of eggs and Bloody Mary's. As long as it is comfortable, or as in Jason Hartley's terms: lovefood. In this workshop, he will learn you how to create a stunning meal with simple, honest ingredients, made from scratch. Goodbye hangover!

Korean cooking with Yokiyo (NL)

Yokiyo | 120 min
Korean kitchen is not yet very well-known in Holland, but this will change shortly. The small vegetable-based dishes are not only healthy, but also very tasty. Learn to make Korean social food in this vegetarian workshop.

Making croquettes with Van Niftrik (NL)

Petra van Niftrik | 120 min
Every Dutch person who lives abroad for a while will long for one thing after a while: a fresh Dutch croquette, served with mustard. And as always: they are the best when you make them yourself. But how do you do that? And what is the secret of a perfect croquette?

Nordic Food Lab Seminar Professionals (EN)

Ben Reade | 120 min
Nordic Cuisine is currently the most influential tendency in food and cooking. Ben Reade is Head Culinary Research and Development of the Nordic Food Lab, which was established by Claus Meyer and Rene Redzepi of the leading restaurant Noma. 

Nordic Food Lab Seminar (EN)

Ben Reade | 120 min
Nordic Cuisine is currently the most influential tendency in food and cooking. Ben Reade is Head Culinary Research and Development of the Nordic Food Lab, which was established by Claus Meyer and Rene Redzepi of the leading restaurant Noma. 

Oedipus Brewing: We Want Beer! (EN)

Rick Nelson | 90 min
Beer is one of the oldest and most common alcoholic beverages. In the last few years, there is a renewed interest in artisan ways of brewing, which is a lot of fun and also very tasty. Oedipus Brewing will let you taste what has changed over the last few years.

Cheers?! (NL)

Harold Hamersma | 90 min

Harold Hamersma writes about wine, and it is good fun. Not alone that, but he can lecture about in a very interesting way. In this tasting, Harold will introduce you in the world of vin naturel, biological wine and bio-dynamical wine. These wines dominate the menu's of the best restaurants in Paris and Kopenhagen.

Slow Ravioli (NL)

Alliantie van Slow Food Chefs | 120 min
A good dish consists of good ingredients. In this workshop, you will learn to make four ravioli's with the us of Presidia's: products of small farmers, fishermen and growers with a Slow Food certification, to protect them because of their important gastronomic status.

Folly from Zeeland (NL)

Dirk Pieter Arkenbout | 120 min
He is considered a hero in Zeeland, has been our hero for years and will be your hero after the Food Film Festival: DP the musselman. The man we mean is Dirk-Pieter Arkenhout, chef of Restaurant de Vluchthaven in Bruinisse, Zeeland. Learn all about mussels in this workshop!