This is where you’ll find the full Food Film Festival 2013 programme. You can buy tickets on this site from 27 February. On Friday 22 March from 11am, tickets will also be on sale at the Studio/K box office.

See below for the overview. Click on the image for an enlargement or download the pdf which you can view (or print!) as large as you want.

The Food Film Festival is about just one thing: the best food films of the year. Expect another fine selection of documentaries, feature films and brilliant shorts. There’s plenty to do for English speakers too.
The Food Film Festival hopes more people will start cooking and enjoying good food. That’s easier to do if you know where your food comes from and how to prepare it. More knowledge about the origin and preparation of food leads to a better food system, we think. So join these exclusive workshops with famous chefs, have fun and contribute to a better world!

The Food Film Festival organises debates, readings and other events. They are all free, because we believe it is important that everyone is involved in the current food system. So come along, but come on time because the events are popular.
After all those wonderful films, homemade hummus and wine, we’re going to hit the dance floor! We’ve lined up another phenomenal programme with Kimchi's Nachtbrouwerij and Schuurfeest & Soepermarkt.
Children's programme
The Food Film Festival is a feast for children too. We have organised a range of activities that teach children how much fun food can be. And delicious, but sometimes disgusting too! Tastes differ, after all…
Peas of Art
Art and design are ideally suited to giving us a broader view of what is happening in society. Artists and designers often come up with the most beautiful and creative solutions to social problems, including food. Art is thus an indispensable component of a festival that aims to offer visitors a glimpse of the future of our food system.
Network Events
During the Food Film Festival, Netwerk Events take place for invitees from the agricultural sector, the industry and Slow Food Movement members. Special guest will be Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini. Find out more about these events.