FFF 2014 open for entries!

The Food Film Festival is working on the fourth edition. That's why we are looking for loads of films about food! We would like to urge all directors, producers, distributors, festivals, film and food lovers to submit their work!

FFF 2013 really was bigger, better and tastier

The highly successful third edition of the Food Film Festival is sadly over for another year. Despite freezing temperatures, it was a weekend filled with incredibly warm people, fantastic films, inspiring speakers and lots of good food.

There is hope with keynote speaker Mark Bittman

Those who expected only nightmare scenarios during the keynote speech on Sunday were disappointed. If we want to win the war on obesity we should all embrace veganism, according to New York Times columnist Mark Bittman.

Lively discussion during the Great GMO Debate

The Great GMO Debate set the stage for a serious discussion on a controversial issue. Supporters and opponents of genetically modified organisms debated with each other and the audience on perhaps the most emotionally charged food theme of the moment.

FFF Live: Dam good food

Never before had so many eyes been on him as he took his first bite. On Saturday evening Johannes van Dam reviewed the Food Film Festival Restaurant live. Author Carolyn Steel hopped on a bike and gave the audience plenty of food for thought.

Watery food

Producing our food requires a huge amount of water. But just how much water is needed became apparent during the game 'hat on, hat off' at the talk show Chewing on Water.

Market with a message

Crowds of people defied the icy temperatures to visit Saturday’s Food Film Festival market, which this year is bigger, better and tastier than ever. On Sunday too, Timorplein is host to numerous food initiatives.

It's nice and warm at the Food Film Festival!

It might be March but it's freezing out there – and we have so many fun things planned outside! For that reason, the open mic night has been moved from Friday to Saturday when we will have a heated tent. And lots of blankets.

Slow Food Love Story

Slow Food Story, screened on Friday afternoon, was attended by director Stefano Sardo and protagonist Carlo Petrini himself. "I’m happy with the result. Normally a film like this is made after you’re dead. I’m lucky enough to see it while I’m still alive,” Carlo joked during the Q&A.