<b>Opening Food Film Festival 2013:</b> from dream to milestone!

Opening Food Film Festival 2013: from dream to milestone!

In a packed Studio/K, director Helen Kranstauber and YFM president Joris Lohman kicked off the third edition of the Food Film Festival. "The festival has come of age.”

The Food Film Festival plays an important role in the debate about food, according to Joris Lohman. "It’s positive that there is now so much attention for food. Not only in the centre of Amsterdam but people everywhere are concerned about where their food comes from, shorter supply chains and ways to contribute to a better food system.” The tipping point has already been reached, he says, and many of the ideas put forward by the Youth Food Movement "have almost become mainstream”.

Over the next three days, Studio/K and part of Amsterdam Oost will be entirely devoted to food and everything related to it. The opening film is the Finnish Canned Dreams, which has its Dutch premiere at the FFF. The film follows a common supermarket item from raw materials to finished product and some of the dozens of people who are involved in making it. This and many other films will be screened in Studio/K and Kriterion from Friday.

Besides films, there are debates and talk shows on topical issues such as the genetic modification of food and water scarcity. We will also ask filmmakers about what makes a good food film and give the audience a chance to speak to our many international guests, including Slow Food President Carlo Petrini, author Carolyn Steel and New York Times columnist Mark Bittman during Q&As. Little wonder then that Helen Kranstauber believes the festival has come of age. "What began three years ago as a dream is already a milestone. Three years ago we stood here so nervously and now we’re back for the third time with more energy than ever. I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved!''

On Friday the last film tickets will go on sale and the Food Film Festival Restaurant will open its doors with the menu created by chefs Joris Bijdendijk and Samuel Levie.

Photos: Daria Mnych

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