Market with a <b>message</b>

Market with a message

Crowds of people defied the icy temperatures to visit Saturday’s Food Film Festival market, which this year is bigger, better and tastier than ever. On Sunday too, Timorplein is host to numerous food initiatives.

Oedipus talk proudly about their beers, which are brewed on a small scale and sold to consumers via beer specialist De Bierkoning. They also have a special Food Film Festival beer, which is available at the information stand. Oedipus’ ultimate ambition is to open their own tasting room and brewery similar to Brouwerij ’t IJ.

There is plenty of fish available at the market, with a stall selling oysters and Vis van Henry, who buys and smokes his own fish. Depeppa sells everything you need to make biscuits and scones – simply add eggs and milk to their do-it-yourself mixes and bake. Ready-to-eat scones are also available at The Scone Factory.

Brandt & Levie are selling their dried sausages and their latest product: pâté. They like to use every part of the animal in their products, so they developed this pork pâté made from the shoulder, cheek, kidney, liver and heart. This means no waste and a delicious result. Look out too for their hot, fresh sausages on a bun which you can eat on the terrace. Cold? Yes, but snuggle up under one of the red Food Film Festival blankets and you’ll hardly notice it!

Text: Claire van der Hall

Photo: Floor Fortunati

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