Slow Food <b>Love</b> Story

Slow Food Love Story

Slow Food Story, screened on Friday afternoon, was attended by director Stefano Sardo and protagonist Carlo Petrini himself. "I’m happy with the result. Normally a film like this is made after you’re dead. I’m lucky enough to see it while I’m still alive,” Carlo joked during the Q&A.

"The film also gives a good picture of how an idea from the small city of Bra became a movement. You can succeed with good people around you.” Director Stefano Sardo comes from Bra, the place where Slow Food was born. "I grew up with Slow Food. My parents are friends of Carlo’s. This film isn’t a manifesto, but simply my version of the story.” Stefano is particularly struck by the rejuvenation taking place among the members of Slow Food. "It used to be beards and bellies in their forties. Now the organisation is mostly made up of young people.”

Besides younger members, Carlo expects other changes in the future. "I think that the movement will become larger and more political. Today’s politicians seems to be asleep. They don’t understand the role of food in our society, but the younger generation does. They can change things. So: do what you enjoy doing, always do what you enjoy doing. That’s how you can exert influence! Food is energy, the reason we exist. The real problem is waste.”

After seeing the film, the viewer understands why Carlo Petrini, founder and figurehead of Slow Food, is affectionately known as Carlin. Carlin is charming and talks with boundless enthusiasm about the organisation. "Help me decide my future!” one member of the audience asked. Carlo is not just a good speaker, but also gives good advice.

Photo: Bart van Baardwijk

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