About the Food Film Festival
The Food Film Festival is a three-day festival on everything related to food: eating in the broadest sense of the word. There is so much to say about food and at the same time how and what we eat says so much about us. Food is culture; food is identity.

Simultaneously, food production offers an insight into both the cause and solution of many global problems. Industrial mass production of food leads to pollution, animal welfare issues and a large proportion of global CO2 emissions. Subsidised food production in the West creates unfair competition on the world market. With a better food system, poverty, hunger, pollution and alienation can be transformed into equality, health, a cleaner environment and engagement.

Youth Food Movement
The Food Film Festival is an initiative of the Youth Food Movement (YFM), a network of students, young consumers and food professionals, including farmers, gardeners, chefs and producers, who together bring about change in food production and food consumption. YFM is part of the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN), the Dutch association of which was founded in July 2009. Its ideology is based on the principles of Slow Food (see below): young people dedicating themselves to good, clean and fair food.

In 2010, several members of the YFM decided that a film festival would be a good way to convey their message to a wider audience. Many extraordinary films have been made about food issues as well as the value of food in society. That's how the Food Film Festival Foundation was established in 2010 at a kitchen table somewhere in Amsterdam.

Slow Food
Slow Food was founded in 1989 as a reaction to fast food. The movement strives for the opposite of fast food: tasty, high-quality products that are sustainably produced and free from dubious preservatives. Slow Food defends biodiversity, which is being put under pressure by increasing monoculture.