Dit is de website van het Food Film Festival 2012. De website van de 2013 versie vindt je hier:
The Food Film Festvial is of course really all about just one thing: eating. You'll be able to watch films as long as you like, carry on debates, listen to smart people on the subject, look at art and stuff, but eventually you'll get hungry. The Food Film Festival wouldn't have honoured its name if we hadn't thought of that already. Throughout the weekend, festival visitors can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner from the chefs of the Youth Food Movement, led by top chef, Joris Bijdendijk, cooking out of Studio/K's kitchen. On Saturday and Sunday there is also a tasty breakfast (reservations required). 

How does it work?
During the festival, Studio K's restaurant will work differently. Right from the opening and onwards, the cafe section will be offering Dimitri's delicious sandwiches from 11:00 in the morning. From 12:00 there's an extensive lunch, and later dinner (with the same menu).
For the restaurant section, reservations are not possible. When you come in, just talk with a host/hostess. You'll get a number and be asked to wait until a table is available. Then just order and enjoy your meal. Afterwards, for efficiency purposes, you are requested to enjoy your coffee - if you feel like coffee - in the cafe afterwards. Big queue at the bar? In the hall there's an extra film bar where you can buy the usual movie snacks and drinks (but in a new guise). 

Through the Youth Food Movement we inspire people to make conscious choices about what ends up on their plate. Our chefs have been challenged to provide a menu that is good, clean and fair. 

The International YFM Chefs
The Food Film Festival kitchen team has been put together by Samuel Levie and is led by Joris Bijdendijk. "With last year's knowledge we'll make an even bigger success of it this year. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the new menu, full of great dishes." Joris is supported by an impressive team of top young chefs from around the world.

Food Friends
The Food Film Festival kitchen contributes to the funding of the festival. Every year there are a number of producers and suppliers that give the festival their warm support. This year again, products have been provided by our food friends.