Bietjes van Betty's

Betty's Beets

Variatie in de Keuken & Gido Schweitzer van Betty’s | 90 min |
Voorstelling: Saturday 17 March 19:30 | Cybersoek

Gido Schweitzer, owner and chef of the vegetarian restaurant Betty’s in Amsterdam, will demonstrate in this special workshop, together with ‘Variations in the Kitchen’, how to cook a top level vegetarian meal.

Variations in the Kitchen is a new initiative by Variations on the Menu, which inspires people to cook healthy, sustainable and delicious food.
They encourage chefs and restaurants to use less meat and more vegetables, and especially to promote a greater variety of food on the menu. With Variations in the Kitchen ( they offer professional workshops for amateur cooks as well. For this years’ Food Film Festival they will organise a onetime workshop with Gido Schweitzer; Betty’s Beets.  Would you like to do some amazing vegetarian cooking? This is your chance!

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