Brood bakken bij Hartog <b> Basics </b>

Baking Bread with Hartog

Hartog's Volkoren Bakkerij | 105 min |
Voorstelling 1: Saturday 17 March 11:00 | Bakkerij Hartog
Voorstelling 2: Saturday 17 March 13:00 | Bakkerij Hartog

At the end of the nineteenth century, Aagje Hartog baked her first bread in the  village of Aartswoud. Visitors from Amsterdam liked her bread so much that soon thereafter she opened a bakery in Holland’s capital. Today, the permanent queues at Hartog’s are testament that it is one of Amsterdam’s very best bakeries.

If you visit one of Hartog’s bakeries around lunchtime, it is hard to imagine that once they only baked 12 loaves a day. Today, they bake a significantly bigger amount of loaves, but Fred and his artisans still use Aagje and Gerrit Hartog’s original recipe.
Hartog’s bread wrappers reads: "What more can a mortal man wish for, but corn in the fields, bread and peace for mankind”. In the spirit of this philosophy, at the workshop ‘Baking Bread at Hartog’s’, they will tell you the secret behind their amazing whole-wheat bread. Every workshop participant will be given a package so you can try it again at home.
Just like a real baker, you grind your own wheat before you knead it, let it rise and then finally bake it. What makes this bread delicious is that it is made from flour and is ground at Hartog’s mill and with no added preservatives or other additives. Bread lovers and fans of Hartog’s Bakery shouldn’t miss this!

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