Arabische Lente

Arab Spring

Merijn Tol & Nadia Zerouali | 90 min |
Voorstelling: Saturday 17 March 13:45 | Cybersoek

Looking forward to a cooking workshop full of mouthwatering colours and aromas? Imagine yourself in Arabia with perfectly steamed couscous, ruby red pomegranates, fresh herbs, homemade lebne, the most fragrant, intensely-flavoured chicken and a thousand-and-one other ingredients! 

The past few years, Merijn Tol and Nadia Zerouali travelled through many of the (Arabian) countries surrounding the Mediterranean and a variety of countries in the Middle East, where they cooked with local women in order to savor the influence of Arabic cuisine for themselves.

This workshop will be in Dutch, but cooking is universal, so you're welcome to join in!

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