Waddenzee & Wasabi

Wadden Sea & Wasabi

Iwan Driessen | 90 min |
Voorstelling: Sunday 18 March 15:45 | Cybersoek

Bluefin tuna is one of the most important ingredients in sushi. However, overfishing has driven it to the brink of extinction. Therefore, Iwan Driessen, chef at restaurant Rijssel, will show us how we can use our Dutch fish to make tasty sushi. 

Iwan Driessen has been a traditional French chef for over 18 years, but also has a special relationship with Japan and its cuisine. He started as dishwasher in a Japanese restaurant, under a chef who worked for 25 years as the Imperial chef (although, admittedly, he cooked for the palace personal). Here he started his career as a professional chef, but his connection to Japan is stronger: he married a Japanese girl!

The Good Fishermen - a union of fishermen who aim to change the methods of modern fishing - have supplied a crate of exquisite, fresh Dutch fish for this workshop.
This year’s Food Film Festival gives special attention to sushi by featuring two films on the subject. Both the dark side as the beautiful side of it will be highlighted in Sushi: the Global Catch, and Jiro Dreams of Sushi respectively.

This workshop will be in Dutch, but cooking is universal, so you're welcome to join in!

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