Big Boys Gone Bananas!* <b> + SHORT </b>

Big Boys Gone Bananas!* + SHORT

Documentary | Frederik Gertten | Sweden | 2011 | 87 min | Swedish/English | English subtitles
Voorstelling: Saturday 17 March 14:00 | SK/1

The release of a film sometimes leads to such bizarre events, that these stories alone can provide excellent material for a film. Which is exactly what Swedish film maker Fredrik Gertten has done with Big Boys Gone Bananas!*.

This incredible story traces Gertten during the release of his 2009 film Bananas!* (part of the 2011 FFF selection). This film is about a group of poor Nicaraguan farmers who take legal action against the fruit company giant Dole Food Company. The farmers demand compensation for the consequences of being exposed to the dangerous and illegal pesticide DBCP on Dole Food’s banana plantation. The legal jousting takes place in American courtrooms, and harbours the promise of American-sized compensations.
Dole Food’s nervous reaction to the release of the film covering this subject matter –let alone the lawsuit itself- became apparent in their reaction to the release of Bananas!*. Supported by an army of high end lawyers and dubious media strategists, Dole Food tried their utmost to prevent Bananas!* from being screened. From public mud slinging in the media to international stalking and threats; no means were spared in their attempt to spin the film’s story in Dole Food’s favour.
If that wasn’t humiliating enough, after the festival, Gertten and his producers were brutally sued by Dole Food. The big boys have truly gone ‘bananas’.
Big Boys Gone Bananas!* shows why food multinationals should be regarded with suspicion, 
because in the pursuit of big profits they are not afraid of committing heinous crimes. This film offers a very special view behind the scenes of the big boys in the food industry that should not be missed.

Point of interest: this Bananas!* inspired film was specially created for the Food Film Festival by Sir Moving Images

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