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72 min
Voorstelling: Sunday 18 March 17:45 | SK/1

The Food Film Festival crew attended festivals across the globe in order to find the most beautiful, amusing and absurd short films about food. The final selection consists of six shorts in the categories animation, documentary and feature film. Each film has its own story to tell about food and cooking, or in other words; a story about life itself. Prepare to be surprised! 

Blue Sky, Dark Bread
Documentary I Ilya Tomashevich I Russia  I 2010 I 22 min I Russian I English subtitles I Dutch premiere

Harvest season in Russia. Soil, air, light, people, and animals make up an almost hypnotizing whole. The cacophonic mix of twittering geese, rattling threshers and buckets and the noise of the Russian radio form an extraordinary soundtrack.  

Fiction | Marco Chiavarelli US I 2010 I 13 min I NL première

De aantrekkingskracht van zoetigheid blijkt maar weer eens onovertroffen. Knalroze, centimerslange, geurige kauwgum is alles wat 9-jarige Samuel wil. Een grote kauwgombel blazen! Maar zijn moeder verbiedt elke vorm van snoep en kookt liever een gezonde maaltijd. Maar hier laat Samuel het niet bij zitten!

Animation | Britt Raes I België I 2011 I 5 min I Dutch premiere

An animated spectacle of drawing! Strange things happen when Bernadette dives into the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal. It appears that the cupboards do not contain ordinary cooking utensils, but eight grown up men instead. Together they prepare several meals, in a way that seems rather unorthodox.

How to Pick Berries
Documentary I Elina Talvensaari I Finland I 2010 I 19 min I Finnish I English subtitles

Blueberries from Finnish Lapland. Every year they are picked by seasonal workers from Thailand. Against a landscape shrouded by clouds and visible cold, hundreds of Thai come and pick away the berries right from under the locals’ very noses. A magnificent, multicolored and musical portrait of a globalised food culture.

Over vis en revolutie
Fiction | Margien Rogaar I Netherlands I 2008 I 10 min I Dutch | English subtitles

A life that’s extinguished and void of excitement. Nothing seems to be rewarding anymore in Gerard’s life. Even fishing, which used to be his hobby, is now no longer satisfactory. He catches only small fish! Everything changes on account of the arrival of a group of Polish fishermen. They bring some colour back into his life. 

Animation I Mathieu Labaye & Christine Polis I France I 2004 I 3 min I French I English subtitles

A colourful animated film about the young Toumak. He has eaten poisonous fruit and isn’t feeling well. He turns to the local village sorcerer for help.

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