Mugaritz B.S.O. <b> NL première & openingsfilm </b>

Mugaritz B.S.O. NL première & opening film

Documentary | Felipe Luis Ugarte & Juantxo Sardon | Spain | 2011 | 70 min | Spanish | English subtitles
Voorstelling 1: Friday 16 March 21:00 | SK/2
Voorstelling 2: Sunday 18 March 20:00 | SK/2

What does a top dish sound like? In the two-star restaurant Mugaritz, located in Spanish Basque Country, Chef Andoni Aduriz creates the most exquisite and deceptive dishes. As part of an extraordinary project, musician and filmmaker Felipe Ugarte creates a 'soundtrack' for them.

B.S.O. stands for banda sonora original, which is the Spanish term for ‘soundtrack’.
Musician Felipe Ugarte (who has also directed the film) loves to compose experimental and experiential music. He sees significant connections between chef Anduriz’ dishes and music: both are composed, as it were, and have their own unique rhythm or ‘timbre’.  They both contain an ‘ensemble’ of flavours, tones and traditions. These and other similarities prompted Ugarte and Andoni to launch a unique gastronomic-musical collaborative project.

Ugarte and his co-director Juantxo Sardon trace the origin of the ingredients Anduriz uses in his cuisine. They travel to Peru in search of the melodies of potatoes, and in Ethiopia they sing with the farmers whilst harvesting coffee beans. Their exploration even leads them to Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. When transforming these elements into musical compositions, they create something as rich and flamboyant as Anduriz’ dishes.

Mugaritz B.S.O. is a feast for the senses. Andoni’s amazing dishes are depicted beautifully, but they are also wonderfully converted into sounds, by a wide range of different musicians. Chef Anduriz enjoys fooling his guests: he disguises ingredients in such a way that they appear to be something else entirely. His carpaccio of dried watermelon, for example, is almost undistinguishable from the traditional meat dish.   

Like no other film, Mugaritz B.S.O. shows that eating is culture: just as art is typically human, so is the preparation of food. No animal mixes its food, heats it, cuts it up and tries to make it look nice, before eating it. The same holds true for music (and every other art form).

Mugaritz B.S.O. is the opening feature of the Food Film Festival, because it showcases the characteristically human love for food. The film demonstrates the importance of the origins of food - and the fact there is always a story behind these origins. Or better yet: a food culture. By broadening your experience of eating, and being aware of the beautiful complexity of your food, you’ll be able to enjoy it even more. The accompanying score composed by Ugarte can therefore be described as an artist’s impression of an artist’s impression.

Mugaritz BSO - Official Trailer from Pixel Ikusentzunezko Ekoizpenak on Vimeo.

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