Toast <b> + SHORT </b>

Toast + SHORT

Speelfilm | SJ Clarkson | England | 2010 | 96 min | English I No subtitles
Voorstelling 1: Saturday 17 March 10:45 | SK/2
Voorstelling 2: Sunday 18 March 10:45 | SK/2

A cheerful film about the growing pains of the young Nigel Slater (currently a famous English food critic). His parents never really understood his love for food and his father’s new wife was a difficult piece of work, with whom he entered into a frantic cooking war. Then he made a rather important discovery about himself...

The young Nigel Slater had to beg and plead hard to convince his conservative mother to buy spaghetti for once. However, he was forced to accept that his mother wasn’t exactly a kitchen queen. Almost unbearable when you are a born gourmand.

This story is set in 1960’s England. Amidst changing times, the young Nigel keeps an open mind towards new flavours and burgeoning freedoms, which would arise in the following decades. Both his father and mother, however, believed that the best they could do was to keep their head down and act ‘normally’. And so their attempts to subdue Nigel are as unsuccessful as Nigel’s attempts to get his parents to get out and enjoy life more.

When Nigel’s mother, whom he dearly loves (despite the fact that she can’t cook), falls ill and dies, things do not improve. His father’s new girlfriend may be a very good cook, but she is also Nigel’s direct enemy. The animosity between the two results in a hilarious cooking war, where his father is unknowingly bombarded to act as as judge. At first Nigel’s father quite enjoys this charge, but as the creations become more extravagant, he finally grows tired of it.

Toast is about the fight with your parents during adolescence, and shows what it is like growing up in England in the sixties, but especially, it is about discovering your own passions.

On Saturday and Sunday you can come and have breakfast at the Food Film Festival. Following this we will screen the film Toast. For more information about this delicious breakfast, the film and tickets, can be found here.

Note: a FFF SHORT is featured before this film (see below)!!

Saturday 17 march 10:45 - 12:20 Studio/K SK/2

Sunday 18 March 10:45 - 12:20 Studio/K SK/2

Tarting Over 
Fiction I Paul de Nooijer | Netherlands I 1981 I 3 min |silent  

Two men and two cakes. A simpel, painting-like setting in which not a lot seem to happen, but wherein tention nevertheless mounts. What are these men going to do with their cakes???

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