Seeds of Hunger <b> + SHORT + Q&A </b>

Seeds of Hunger + SHORT + Q&A

Documentary | Yves Billy & Richard Prost | Afrika, China, VS | 2009 | 52 min | English | English subtitles
Voorstelling: Sunday 18 March 15:15 | SK/2

Why are there still billions of people suffering chronic hunger? Seeds of Hunger examines how the market unscrupulously dictates what where and how food is grown. With the poor, smaller farmers as first victims.

The system with which we produce food, is a system of supply and demand.  But can we trust the market to continue providing something as vitally important as food? Seeds of Hunger documents how the market has started to change the whole system completely. The farmers, who used to be the back bone for the provision of food,  continue to fight for profit and cheaper food amongst the insatiable hunger.

The fickle behaviour of the market, food speculation, the competition amongst crops used for bio-fuels, the application of genetically modified seeds means that small farmers, all over the world, are forced off of their land in order to make space for larger agricultural companies. 

'But the solutions we used in order to produce more food in the 20th century, can't be applied to the 21st century. We did the simplest things: by using more land, more water, more energy and chemicals, the food production skyrocketed. But that doesn't work anymore.' says Bruno Parmentier, director of the agricultural university ESA in Angers at the beginning of Seeds of Hunger

But the demand is only increasing. The inhabitants of China and India have started to eat more meat resulting in an exponential growth in meat demand. Countries who cultivate three times more crops than they require but still can't provide enough for themselves because the stocks are exported as animal feed.

Seeds of Hunger shows how our agricultural policy falls short, what kind of negative effects the market has on food production and how complex our food system actually is today. The Food Film Festival believes that the aforementioned points  will be of great importance in the coming decades and has therefore organised the Big Agricultural Debate. Are you interested or do you have something to share? Entry is free!

NOTE: in relation to this documentary, a FFF SHORT will be screened which it's  a Dutch premiere! The director of this SHORT will host a Q&A session...

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