Raising Resistance <b> + SHORT + Q&A </b>

Raising Resistance + SHORT + Q&A

Documentary | Bettina Borgfeld & David Bernet | Germany, Sweden | 2011 | 84 min | Spanish I English subtitles
Voorstelling: Saturday 17 March 16:15 | SK/1

"Soy is like a ticking bomb to me”, says farmer Geronimo from Paraguay in Raising Resistance. The ever-advancing soy plantations are increasingly cornering his farmer community.  The farmers, however, are rebelling, and they are demanding compensation from the executives of the soy industry.

The Paraguayan soil is very suitable for the large scale cultivation of soy. Within a matter of years the country became one of the largest soy exporters in the world. But it had profound implications. The large scale production of soy requires many acres of land and gallons of pesticide. This happens at the expense of local farmers, better known as campesinos, whose lands are affected dramatically.

In Raising Resistance filmmakers Bettina Borgfeld and David Bernet show how the campesinos revolt against the large-scale soybean cultivation in their country. At the helm of the movement is the friendly and intelligent farmer Geronimo. Together, the campesinos occupy a piece of soy plantation, and try to prevent the spraying of pesticides. They also use the media to spread their message.

It seems such a reasonable cause to battle for: freedom, health, and possession of land, which for many decades has been the source of the farmers’ livelihood. Wouldn’t it surprise us if our neighbor would suddenly decide to spray our garden with pesticides, and turn our lawn into a cornfield, without permission? We would undoubtedly rise against such an injustice! Therefore, farmers have united worldwide to protest against the abuses of our current food system.

But Raising Resistance doesn’t just present a one-sided story about the large-scale soy cultivation in Paraguay. The large landowners also get a chance to have their say. This permits an excellent view of the conflicting interests and the personal stories. But above all, a variety of exquisite Paraguayan landscapes are beautifully depicted for our benefit.

Note: Filmmaker David Benet will be present during the screening of Raising Resistance. There will be a Q&A after the screening. Do you want to know more about the film and the filmmaker? Attend the talk show FFF LIVE.

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