Ratatouille <b> film </b>

Ratatouille film

Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava | USA | 2007 | 110 min | Dutch spoken | no subtitles
Voorstelling: Sunday 18 March 15:00 | SK/1

Life’s hard on Remy the rat. All he wants is to be a good chef, but hey, he’s a rat. When his love for good food puts his entire family in danger and he gets lost on top of that, he hits rock bottom. Or might this actually turn out to be a once in a lifetime opportunity?  

Remy’s favourite TV chef is the cheerful Gusteau. Unfortunately, he passed away but he used to be the proprietor of a five-star restaurant in Paris. More importantly, he wrote in his cooking books that anybody can cook. And this includes a sewer rat who can’t find his family. What’s more, Gusteau’s spirit is always willing to give Remy a word of advice whenever he’s in trouble. This is how Remy winds up at Gusteau’s old restaurant, where the new chef in charge makes a complete mess of it. He even turns out to have some wicked plan.

Needless to say, there isn’t a kitchen anywhere in the world that would hire a rat, regardless of how well he washes his paws. So what Remy needs is a human to help him. Luckily, he meets Alfredo Linguini, a clumsy young fellow who also wishes to work in Gusteau’s restaurant. The only problem is that Alfredo is a lousy cook. That’s why they decide to become allies. 

They have to be on their guard in order not to get caught, as the new chef is suspects something is going on. And then there’s Anton Ego, the cranky food critic. There’s nothing he wants more than to slate Gusteau’s restaurant.

Ratatouille is an exciting, funny and touching film about a rat’s love for food, chasing dreams, finding talent and much more. A must-see for both young and old.

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