peas of art

New at the Food Film Festival is the Peas of Art program. During the festival you can discover works of several artists and designers that enlighten us with their view on our food culture. So while enjoying your coffee, glass of wine or wonderful meal in our restaurant, please don’t forget to have a look at the wonderful Peas of Art.

Chocolate Bunny / Revenge

Lernert & Sander |
Director & Artist friends Lernert & Sander deliver top notch video works which are just tons of fun to look at. They have a very specific style, that once seen, you instantly recognise. 

Extreme Makeover

Jaap Scheeren
Artist Jaap Scheeren is mad! He loves telling stories using his endless imagination. Scheeren manipulates reality until a new reality takes over. 

Save Food!

Jihyun David |
Tell me, where can we find biodiversity in the supermarkets? Most of the time you can only find limited varieties of vegetables and fruit. It's a downright shame! Even more when you think about the fact there’s so much more to discover and taste.


Joris Jasper Hoebe |
Is it decadence that the western world seems to have an endless access to food? Without much notice we throw away so much food while at the same time our supermarkets seem to be fuller and fuller. 

Ted Parker for FFF

Ted Parker |
Who is Ted Parker? We’re not sure but what we do know is that we love his characters, who always seem to smile and often find themselves in peculiar situations. Since we’re such great fans of his work we tracked Ted Parker down and asked him to create a special series for the Food Film Festival. Curious? Come see them at the special Peas of Art area in the restaurant.


Tomm Velthuis |
You only have the right to eat meat when you’re able to kill the animal. This is what the father of designer Tomm Velthuis told him. "But the thing is, says Tomm, I couldn’t do it... This is why I came up with the idea of TOK. A sturdy butchers knife with the head of a chicken that looks at you when you use it. Because you can’t eat meat without the knowledge that an animal was killed for it".  It’s with these kind of designs that Tomm tries to create awareness on how we handle our food.