For kids there’s a lot to discover at the Food Film Festival on Sunday. At the court outside of Studio/K there will be a farmers market. There will also be a Yurt (Mongolian tent) where the children's program will be held. Can you tast what you eat when you're not seeing it? Discover how your eyes deceive you with blind tasting.  Is it sweet, sour, bitter, salty, do you think it’s fruit or veggies? 

Besides the big tasting challenge, we have an even bigger one! Have you eaten a grasshopper before? Or a tasty mix of worms? It’s not that far fetched eating these creepy crawlies: in Asia children see Tarantula’s as a nice snack! Looking at the future of food, it’s worth while to take eating insects serious. Come and tickle your taste buds at the Food Film Festival and before you know it you’re the start of a new culinary trend!

Blind tasting

o.l.v. FFF kids team

Sometimes people close their eyes while eating because it helps to bring out the taste. But what happens if you start by closing your eyes and then start tasting food? Is it salty, sour or bitter? Slimy or crunchy? Do you dare to enter the blindfold tasting challenge at the Food Film Festival? 

Bug lab

o.l.v. FFF kids team

Imagine this: one day there will be so many people on the planet that there is not enough meat to go around. What would you be able to eat instead of meat? There are soy products, tofu or meats made of dairy. But would you also eat INSECTS?!


o.l.v Alain Caron | 85 min

Scoop at the Food Film Festival, this year the festival features the one and only KIDS QUIZ! Four teams compete against each other all focused on winning the first KIDS QUIZ trophy. The quiz is hosted by the renowned chef Alain Caron, famous from the TV show Masterchef and Junior Masterchef. 

Ratatouille film

Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava | 110 min
Life’s hard on Remy the rat. All he wants is to be a good chef, but hey, he’s a rat. When his love for good food puts his entire family in danger and he gets lost on top of that, he hits rock bottom. Or might this actually turn out to be a once in a lifetime opportunity?  

Home Grown

De Dames van Snor & Marian Flint | 60 min

The ladies of SNOR own the best publishing company ever! Also in the culinary section they stand their ground, amoung their many fabulous books are The Quick Pie book, the Soup Calendar and recipes for delicious fish and vegetarian dishes. SNOR and co-author of the book Zelfgeoogst (Home Grown) Marian Flint give a workshop on urban farming for kids.