It is important that people are aware of the major food related issues and what affects these issues. The Food Film Festival organizes several events around problems and solutions about food(sustainability), that can be visited for free. Visit the festival, get involved and make a move towards a more sustainable way of food production.

Live registration 
Are you unable to visit our festival? Just re-arrange your agenda and make time to come! If you really can’t make it; especially for you we will be live streaming all events so you can watch it online any time you want. Keep an eye on the site!


o.l.v. Linda Vermaat | 90 min
Food is not often chosen as a perspective to change the world. The Food Film Festival has invited ten young food warriors who see things differently. With innovative and moving stories they will inspire you with their passion for food and change. Get surprised, confused and inspired at #FoodforChange!

Craft market

Diverse producenten, boeren en handelaren
Again this year the friends of the Food Film Festival will present their fabulous food and more at the Timorplein. New and familiar producers, farmers and traders, with lots of love for good, clean and fair food, showcase their produce. You can visit the pure market at Saturday and Sunday so you can’t miss it!

Book launch JAVA

90 min
Always been curious about the authors and stories of great cook books? The Food Film Festival sure is!. Together with the JAVA bookshop the idea was therefore born to listen to the inspiring stories of the writers of some cooking books, while enjoying a nice snack and drink. 

delicious. breakfast with a movie

Met Vlaamsch Broodhuys
Attention you early birds out there! Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy a delicious. Food Film Festival breakfast. Warm croissants, fresh orange juice, jams and lovely fresh bread of authentic bakery Vlaamsch Broodhuys. And after breakfast we serve the movie Toast. Also tasty!  


o.l.v. Martijn de Greve | 60 min
New this year at the Food Film Festival: a true talkshow! Here, you can have a taste of all flavors of the festival: film, debate, workshops and art. Amongst others, we'll meet master chef Alain Caron, food scientist Louise Fresco, young chef Joris Bijdendijk and the filmmakers of Raising Resitance.

The Big Agricultural Debate

o.l.v. Ruben Maes | 105 min
How will we shape agricultural in the coming years? We will go into debate with young farmers, health experts, scientists and politicians in the Big Agricultural Debate. And your voice can not be missed!

Keynote: Tim Lang

60 min
This year too, the Food Film Festival will be ended with wise, inspiring, but most of all activating words of an international top speaker. Last year we welcomed the world renowned food activist Vandana Shiva. This year we are proud to present: Professor Tim Lang.