Self Harvested

Dames van SNOR & Marian Flint | 90 min
The ladies of SNOR run the best publisher in the world. With loads of books about good food, they'll host a workshop teaching children (and parents) to produce their own food!

Potato Eaters

Yolanda van der Jagt en Giovanna Gomersbach | 90 min
One thing is certain, you need potatoes in order to make chips. But chips aren’t the only dish you can make with potatoes. In the workshop Aardappeleters (‘Potato Eaters’) you will learn all about the Dutch spud from an entirely different angle. 

Arab Spring

Merijn Tol & Nadia Zerouali | 90 min
Looking forward to a cooking workshop full of mouthwatering colours and aromas? Imagine yourself in Arabia with perfectly steamed couscous, ruby red pomegranates, fresh herbs, homemade lebne, the most fragrant, intensely-flavoured chicken and a thousand-and-one other ingredients! 

Betty's Beets

Variatie in de Keuken & Gido Schweitzer van Betty’s | 90 min
Gido Schweitzer, owner and chef of the vegetarian restaurant Betty’s in Amsterdam, will demonstrate in this special workshop, together with ‘Variations in the Kitchen’, how to cook a top level vegetarian meal.

Baking Bread with Hartog

Hartog's Volkoren Bakkerij | 105 min
At the end of the nineteenth century, Aagje Hartog baked her first bread in the  village of Aartswoud. Visitors from Amsterdam liked her bread so much that soon thereafter she opened a bakery in Holland’s capital. Today, the permanent queues at Hartog’s are testament that it is one of Amsterdam’s very best bakeries.

Wine Tasting with Harold Hamersma

Harold Hamersma | 60 min
What makes wine ‘organic’, and how good is fair-trade wine? Following the success of last year’s tasting, Harold Hamersma, wine critic for several Dutch newspapers, author and the co-founder of, is back at the Food Film Festival.

Mumbai Dabbawalla

Jean Beddington | 90 min
Daily, more than 400.000 hot lunches will be delivered to working people in Mumbai by so called Dabbawalla's - the lunchbox bringers. Want to learn how to prepare lovely Indian lunch to bring to work yourself? Please join in!

Silly Sausages

Jiri Brandt & Geert van Wersch | 90 min
Sausage makers Brandt & Levie learnt their trade during a trip to the country of food: Italy. In Amsterdam they have steadily gained local fame through their high quality, environmentally aware products. Learn to make your own!

Cooking with the stars: Ricardo van Ede

Ricardo van Ede | 90 min
Ricardo van Ede was awarded a Michelin star at age 21, the youngest Dutchman ever to do so. Now, he leads the kitchen at Neva, restaurant of the Hermitage Amsterdam. In this workshop, Ricardo will demonstrate how to create a star-worthy dish with love and respect for the products.

Sweet Dreams

Hidde de Brabander | 105 min
Hidde has been a pastry chef since he was 17. He worked at Michelin star restaurants such as De Librije and has recently started his own label: Dreams of Magnolia. In this workshop you'll het the unique opportunity to learn how to make the most beautiful deserts and impressive sweet pieces of art.

Wadden Sea & Wasabi

Iwan Driessen | 90 min
Bluefin tuna is one of the most important ingredients in sushi. However, overfishing has driven it to the brink of extinction. Therefore, Iwan Driessen, chef at restaurant Rijssel, will show us how we can use our Dutch fish to make tasty sushi. 

To pickle and preserve Basic

BAAF, Janine & Cokkie, Eke Mariën en Astrid Persad | 90 min
Granny’s kitchen cabinet used to be crammed full of canning jars and preserved jam. Nowadays, we can easily purchase these products at the shop and only a select few remember how to prepare them at home.  Fortunately, Baaf Vonk, Eke Mariën, Janine & Cokkie and Astrid Persad have offered to teach us the old trade.

Wine and Cheese with Kef

Marike van der Werff van Fromagerie Abraham Kef | 60 min
Epoisses, Tomme de Savoie, Brie de Meaux... mmm... fromagerie Abraham Kef has got it all and way more! More importantly, owner Marike van der Werff can tell all about it. Taste the very best cheese, be astonished by it's combination with the best wines and enjoy it as if you were 'God in cheese land'!