Enjoy three days of the best, most inspiring and most beautiful films about food. The Food Film Festival welcomes an international audience. Therefore, a lot of films are either English spoken, or subtitled English.

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A Matter of Taste NL première

Documentary | Sally Rowe | 68 min
Paul Liebrandt is a big talent, a perfectionist, an artist, a madman and he is exceptionally young. In 2001 he was, at 24, the youngest chef ever to receive three stars from the New York Times. But that doesn’t mean he can leave it at that.

Alamar + SHORT

Speelfilm | Gonzalez-Rubo | 73 min
Alamar will undoubtedly drag you into a different and astonishingly beautiful world. The seven-year-old boy Natan visits his father, a Mexican fisher who lives on a reef a few miles off the coast. Along with Natan’s granddad Nestor, they spend the day fishing, sleeping and eating, all seemingly in perfect harmony with nature and with one another.

Big Boys Gone Bananas!* + SHORT

Documentary | Frederik Gertten | 87 min
The release of a film sometimes leads to such bizarre events, that these stories alone can provide excellent material for a film. Which is exactly what Swedish film maker Fredrik Gertten has done with Big Boys Gone Bananas!*.

De Aardappeleters + SHORT + Q&A

Documentary | Arno Hagers | 52 min
Eating chips is a way of life. And the three Gillisse brothers who run Nico’s chip shop embody this lifestyle. De Aardappeleters is a portrait of a Dutch family in a neighborhood of The Hague during the 1950s and 60s. This is the birth of the most characteristic dish of Dutch food culture: patatje met ("chips with mayo”).

Do it Yourself! SHORTS

Documentary | 78 min
A series of shorts that share the theme: Do it Yourself!! Because the first step towards creating a more sustainable food system is for you to try to find answers, start cooking yourself, come up with questions, to truly appreciate and experience food. The people in these films will show you how!        


72 min
The Food Film Festival crew attended festivals across the globe in order to find the most beautiful, amusing and absurd short films about food. The final selection consists of six shorts in the categories animation, documentary and feature film. Each film has its own story to tell about food and cooking, or in other words; a story about life itself. Prepare to be surprised! 

Jiro, Dreams of Sushi NL première

Documentary | David Gelb | 83 min
The 85 year-old Jiro Ono has been making sushi in his small 10-seat restaurant in a Tokyo subway station for 45 years. Jiro and his team work with that uncompromising dedication that is so typical of the Japanese, and, according to many, they prepare the greatest sushi in the world.

Lemon Tree + SHORT

Speelfilm | Eran Riklis | 106 min
Salma Zidane is a 45-year-old Palestinian woman who lives in a small village on the Green Line between Israel and the West Bank. Her old lemon grove is the great love of her life. But when her new neighbor turns out to be the Israeli minister of defense, she is informed that her grove must be uprooted ‘for safety purposes’. Salma won’t even consider it, and fights vehemently for her trees.

LoveMEATender + Q&A

Documentary | Manu Coeman | 63 min
During his life the average Belgian person eats 5 cows, 7 sheep, 42 pigs, 891 chickens, 43 turkeys and 24 rabbits. Except for rabbits, the Dutch consume more or less the same amount of livestock. These are enormous numbers, and the production required to meet this demand for meat comes with great consequences.

Lupe el de la Vaca

Documentary | Blanca X. Aguerre | 79 min
Somewhere in Mexico lies a valley where farmers live and work. They do not have much, and life is hard and simple. But life is beautiful too, and it is full of wit and unusual myths. Especially the tale of the notorious Lupe, who terrorises the area on the back of his cow, is one that is often discussed.

Mugaritz B.S.O. NL première & opening film

Documentary | Felipe Luis Ugarte & Juantxo Sardon | 70 min
What does a top dish sound like? In the two-star restaurant Mugaritz, located in Spanish Basque Country, Chef Andoni Aduriz creates the most exquisite and deceptive dishes. As part of an extraordinary project, musician and filmmaker Felipe Ugarte creates a 'soundtrack' for them.

Raising Resistance + SHORT + Q&A

Documentary | Bettina Borgfeld & David Bernet | 84 min
"Soy is like a ticking bomb to me”, says farmer Geronimo from Paraguay in Raising Resistance. The ever-advancing soy plantations are increasingly cornering his farmer community.  The farmers, however, are rebelling, and they are demanding compensation from the executives of the soy industry.

Ratatouille KIDS

Speelfilm | Brad Bird & Jan Pinkava | 110 min
Life’s hard on Remy the rat. All he wants is to be a good chef, but hey, he’s a rat. When his love for good food puts his entire family in danger and he gets lost on top of that, he hits rock bottom. Or might this actually turn out to be a once in a lifetime opportunity?

Seeds of Hunger + SHORT + Q&A

Documentary | Yves Billy & Richard Prost | 52 min
Why are there still billions of people suffering chronic hunger? Seeds of Hunger examines how the market unscrupulously dictates what where and how food is grown. With the poor, smaller farmers as first victims.

Sushi: the Global Catch

Documentary | Mark Hall | 75 min
Forty years ago, the only place you could eat sushi was in Tokyo. Today it is readily available in every city across the globe, driving the majestic blue fin tuna - one of sushi’s main ingredients - to extinction. Sushi: the Global Catch shows how huge demand and unrestrained trade can kill off an entire species and a food culture.


Jûzô Itami | 114 min
Tampopo is the pinnacle for  the culinary cinephile. This modern Japanese noodle western does not only lovingly mix many styles of cinema, it also is all about the love for food. The crazy story of 'lone (truck) riders' Goro and Gun who try to teach the lovely Tampopo how to make the perfect noodle soup.

The Chocolate Farmer NL première

Documentary | Rohan Fernando | 70 min
Eladio Pop is a farmer in Belize. Just like his Mayan ancestors he grows cocoa ín the rain forest, He works with nature, instead of against it. He does not use toxic pesticides and would sooner cut out the same path for the hundredth time. But the big question here is whether his children eventually want to take over the farm…

The Lunchbox Miracle + SHORT

Documentary | Antje Christ | 50 min
Every day in the Indian megalopolis of Mumbai a logistic miracle happens. Hundreds of thousands of lunches are delivered by so-called dabbawallas who find their way through the mad city traffic to exactly the right person. The dabbawallas form a proud guild and make the impossible happen through an extensive and infallible delivery chain.

Toast + SHORT

Speelfilm | SJ Clarkson | 96 min
A cheerful film about the growing pains of the young Nigel Slater (currently a famous English food critic). His parents never really understood his love for food and his father’s new wife was a difficult piece of work, with whom he entered into a frantic cooking war. Then he made a rather important discovery about himself...