Dit is de website van het Food Film Festival 2012. De website van de 2013 versie vindt je hier:
Tickets at the door!

Tickets at the door!

Tickets online sold out? Not to worry! The Food Film Festival wants to be an open festival so we decided not to sell all the tickets online! There will be still tickets available at the ticket box during the festival itself!

Just like last year, ticket sales went trough the roof! Good news for us, but since we had the experience last year too, it does not mean you are now too late to get tickets. From Friday 11 am on you can buy tickets at the festival ticket box! 

Aside from that, there is plenty of free accesible events and happenings during the festival, although admittingly, not all are in Dutch. But the market is universal (as is the fenomenal restaurant), the keynote by Tim Lang is in English and there must be several films either in English, or with English subtitles available still! So no excuse! Come to the festival and enjoy good food!

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