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<b> FFF </b> - Keynote speaker: Tim Lang

FFF - Keynote speaker: Tim Lang

The Food Film Festival isn't just about beautiful films and fun workshops. Most of all, we hope that people will learn that a better food system is necessary.

That's why we have invited London Professor Tim Lang to hold the keynote speech that will close the Festival. 

Last year the Food Film Festival Key note was held by world renowned scientist and food activist Vandana Shiva (if you scroll down, you can watch the entire speech). This year we are proud to present London Professor in Food Policy Tim Lang, one of the brightest minds that think about the complexities of the current food system.

Tim Lang is the inventor of the concept of 'food miles'. Food miles give you an idea of how far your food has traveled before it ended up on your plate. This distance used to be small, but the modern way of producing and transportation has made it possible for food to travel thousands of miles. That is not only bad for the environment, but it has lead to a general disconnection between people and their food.

But what sets Tim Lang really apart from the rest, is his ability to oversee the whole food system. The 'meatification' of our diet, ethical and environmental issues, but also socio-economic issues such as land grabbing; Professor Lang takes it all in account. And that multidisciplinary approach is precisely what is needed to move in the direction of a better food system. Food is connected to everything, it defines us as a species and therefore we must take care that we eat the way we want to.

The Keynote wil be free of charge, but do come early because full is full. Look here for more details.

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