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Food Film Festival 2012

Food Film Festival 2012

The Food Film Festival is a three-day film festival celebrating film and the love for good food. This year the second edition of the festival will take place on March 16, 17 and 18 at Studio/K in Amsterdam.

The Food Film Festival is about everything related to food. There are so many great food stories to tell and at the same time food says so much about us as a society. Food is culture, food is identity. We believe that one of the best ways to share the love for good food is through beautiful films, documentaries and an extensive festival programme.

Yet, at the same time, food and its current production are the cause of multiple severe global issues. Industrial mass production of food is causing environmental pollution, health issues, animal abuse and an unequal global market. Through a better food system, poverty, hunger and pollution can be turned into equality, health, a cleaner environment and more nutritious and delicious food.

The Youth Food Movement
The Food Film Festival is an initiative of the Youth Food Movement. The Youth Food Movement is a network of young people from different backgrounds that promote a good, clean & fair food system. This means that in the future our food tastes better, is healthier, more environmentally friendly and allows a fair international market. The Dutch Youth Food Movement was founded in 2009 based on the principles of Slow Food.

Films and documentaries
The festival showcases more than 20 food films and documentaries that are screened, together with an extensive program with cooking workshops, art, debates and music.

Tickets and programme
The full festival programme will be available on this website as off February 6th. Tickets to the films and events will be available on this website from February 27th.

The restaurant
The Food Film Festival boasts it’s own restaurant where young chefs prepare a good, simple and affordable menu. The menu served during the festival is based on the Youth Food Movement ideology: with extra attention for the use of fair, sustainable and local ingredients. Vegetables and fruits will be chosen with special attention to their availability during the season. The restaurant will be opened during the whole festival.

The love for good food starts with a fun approach towards preparing good food. Therefore a variety of different workshops will be given that are inspired by the films and documentaries shown during the festival.

The Food Film Festival is a Dutch event. However, a great share of the films are in English. We hope to see you there.

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