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Tasting of flavors at our market

As de Indische Buurt awakes during the weekend of the Food Film Festival, it finds an authentic market in Timorplein. Outside FFF venue Studio K several stalls showcase their finest products and sell an assortment of fair trade, biological or ‘slow’ food.

The salesman of Zilt en Zalig is in a great mood. He has set up a fireplace with lounging chairs and blankets for people interested in tasting oysters. "I’ve got seventeen types of oysters, all with a distinguish taste and story. I’m inviting everyone to try my oysters, as my neighbor pours them a cider.” Further down the market the infamous De Vegetarische Slager showcases it’s 100 percent vegetal chicken and sea weed crackers with vegetal tuna salad. The vegetarian butcher is solely sharing his meat replacement innovation to the public. Visitors tasting the vegetal chicken are surprised with similarities in taste and structure.

Exciting niches are found on the FFF bio market. One market stall is dedicated to thyme, salt and olive oil produced in the Palestine. His neighbor Sita Danser sells nine different kinds of sambal. She’s keen on making the spicy taste maker with biological ingredients grown close to Rotterdam. She sells eggplant and red onion & honey sambal, to give some examples.

Green fingers yourself? The market holds two stands for people who want to grow their own vegetables. Dakboerin sells crates and seeds for the home grower who has space on its roof. Bagsac sells lightweight and portable bags for growing your own ingredients.  

FFF bio market is a melting pot of flavors, tasting and exciting innovations, and for the neighborhood too.

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