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Spectular start of Food Film Festival 2012!

The second edition of the Food Film Festival was introduced by engaging speeches of Helen Kranstauber and Joris Lohman, the two festival directors. Together, they kicked off what will be a weekend full of food, movies, but above all: change. Because that's what food can do: change the world!

The Dutch Youth Food Movement takes the lead in using food as a means for change. Since 2009, they've been practicing what they preach and organize events, set up campaigns and initiate the Food Film Festival. Their enviable practical idealism, combined with optimism could be felt through the room during the opening ceremony. A room packed with mingling, chatting and smiling volunteers, family, friends, colleagues, fans and other sympathizers.

In her opening speech, Helen emphasized that the Food Film Festival is exactly at the crossroads of a love for food, and a love for change. And change is necessary. Joris shared some worrisome stats, illustrating how today, "we do know what our food costs in terms of money, but we lost sense of its value". That brings us to the the goal of this year's festival - how to bring back that sense of value, for our food. "Because food is, really, everything", emphasized Helen.

And 2012 is the year of change. Food is dominating the public debate, locally and globally. And, for the Food Film Festival, food is by no means confined to youth. We all eat. That means we can all contribute to that change, through our food. "We might be telling a rather grand story here - but in essence, everyone can make a contribution". Along this serious note, the Food Film festival is about inspiration, enjoyment and.. dancing, too. Indulge yourself in what it has to offer, and join the Youth Food Movement, which is already maturing into a Food Movement!

With that last note on dancing, the opening movie was introduced. The Dutch premiere of the Spanish movie Mugaritz BSO tickled our senses by showing how to blend texture, taste, aesthetics and music. Chef Andoni Aduriz wants his guests to leave his restaurant "with a doubt, because that is the only thing that generates knowledge."

So start questioning, keep dancing and learn what food can do!

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