Dit is de website van het Food Film Festival 2012. De website van de 2013 versie vindt je hier: http://www.foodfilmfestival.nl

The Food Policy Masterplan

Europe has a longstanding tradition of supporting agriculture to secure our food supply, especially after World War II. The European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), founded in 1962, still gives shape to today's agricultural system.

Eat, meet and connect at Food Politics!

Today, the Food Film Festival hosts the launch of Food Politics.eu. Food Politics is an international web campaign that aims to facilitate a public debate on the future of our food with a European dimension, mostly by using social media to connect online, but also offline - like today!

Tasting of flavors at our market

As de Indische Buurt awakes during the weekend of the Food Film Festival, it finds an authentic market in Timorplein. Outside FFF venue Studio K several stalls showcase their finest products and sell an assortment of fair trade, biological or ‘slow’ food.

Spectular start of Food Film Festival 2012!

The second edition of the Food Film Festival was introduced by engaging speeches of Helen Kranstauber and Joris Lohman, the two festival directors. Together, they kicked off what will be a weekend full of food, movies, but above all: change. Because that's what food can do: change the world!

Tickets at the door!

Tickets online sold out? Not to worry! The Food Film Festival wants to be an open festival so we decided not to sell all the tickets online! There will be still tickets available at the ticket box during the festival itself!